BlogBuilds: An exhibition of 'Velvet & No. 9' and 'Repaints' in Donegal

An exhibition of my recent projects will open in the Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal on the 25th June 2022. It will include installations of two projects - Repaints and Velvet & No. 9.

The exhibition runs until 3rd September. Details of the exhibition on the RCC website.

Thanks to the Regional Cultural Centre for inviting me to exhibit this work.

Velvet & No. 9

This installation is focused on a series of photographs recording an interaction with a Dublin house undergoing renovation. As the site is in a state of deconstruction it encourages the imagining of how it could become a place of domestic comfort and self-expression. Velvet curtains are used to refer to this possible future domesticity and inhabitation and are combined with construction materials to create objects which relate to the house but have their own presence in the gallery space.


In a project looking at basic mark-marking in architectural space, photographic material of interior walls being painted is taped to a wall and painted with similar techniques and tools. The photographic documents of these actions record the basic gestures of applying paint to walls as subject and process, both merging as the wall is increasingly disrupted by the gestures of painting over time.

You can see this project on this site: Repaints

  • Repaints sample
  • Velvet & NO. 9 Sample