Format 15

Headed to Derby to take part in Evidence at Format 15 as part of the Exposure open call. My work is showing at Dedá from Friday 13th until May 2nd, alongside Giacomo Brunelli, Sayed Sattar Hasan, Lydia Goldblatt, Ciril Jaxbec, Ji Hyun Kwon, Haley Morris-Cafiero and Bénédicte Vandreeeydt.

Details on the Format Website

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The Lie of the Land - Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh


The Lie of the Land exhibition, which includes work from my Cottages of Quigley’s Point project, opens tomorrow at the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, Co. Cork. It opens Wednesday 11th February 7pm, and runs until 22 March.

Thanks to the Sirius Arts Centre and curator Miranda Driscoll for including my work in this exhibition.

The Lie of the Land is a multi-part project that will encompass an exhibition and a reading/listening night. The project examines the idea that there are certain materialities (both in the work and in the landscape) that seem to serve as cultural remnants. These remnants can sometimes define a certain Irish aesthetic in the landscape, or what might be perceived as one. Tackling well-trodden arguments around the monument, the ruin and modernity in Irish landscape and architecture, the project considers contemporary rural Ireland as shown through visual art and writing.


Participating artists include visual artists Helen Devitt (sculpture/installation) (Cork), Kenneth O’Halloran (photography) (Dublin/L.A), Adrian Duncan (sculpture/installation, video, drawing) (Dublin/Berlin) and Jill Quigley (photography)(Belfast), writer Sarah Baume (Cork), and RTE Radio 1 producers Kevin Brew and Luke Clancy (Dublin). Curated by Miranda Driscoll.

More on the Sirius Arts Centre website.

Image: Kenneth O’Halloran, Toor, County Tipperary.

Reconstructions in Belfast Exposed

Reconstructions: A Response, an exhibition of work by Belfast Exposed volunteers, is currently on show in the Exchange Space. It’s up until the 11th of October and includes images and sculpture by Rachel Alexander, Patricia Prieto Blanco, Bernarde Lynn, Bronach McGuinness, Hailey McIvor, Eilish McQuillan, Twy Miller, Tony O’Prey, David Timlin and myself. For more information see

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Shore Leave

Shore Leave

I’m participating in Elysium Gallery’s current offsite project Shore Leave. It’s on in the Pantywylan Warehouse, Cardigan, Wales, from the 16th to the 30th of August. To steal a quote from their website:

“The exhibition takes its name from the periods of time that sailors were allowed on dry land in between long voyages. Shore Leave was once the scourge of major sea port towns like Cardigan in the 18th and 19th centuries where hundreds of crew members would descend upon the town and over indulge in pleasures that were not available to them during the months on long voyages. These were people out of the routine of life at sea and on unfamiliar territory, in between places resulting in extreme and unpredictable behaviours.”

More information at the source

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  • Shore Leave
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Schau Festival

I’ll be taking part in the Schau Photo Festival in Dortmund, Germany, which takes place from the 20th - 22nd of June.

Thanks to Martin Parr for nominating me to participate in this festival.

Full details of the festival and other artists involved are on the Schau Festival website.

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