BlogThink Tank - Photography: An Empathetic Gesture? - August 25th

I’ll be taking part in a panel as part of the PhotoIreland workshop “Photography - An Empathetic Gesture?”, on Thursday 25th August. The panel will discuss “Gesture and the Unfixed State”.

Part of the Photo Ireland Festival 2022, the one-day ‘Think Tank’ addresses contemporary photography in Ireland:

For a people and an island, traditionally and historically represented visually by those outside of itself, photography has provided a means of self-expression – a form of visual investigation from the inside out – of what it means to be of this place. Such a tool, such magic, in both the realm of close-up magic and photographic magic, ‘is a multisensory experience that calls – instantaneously and without our consciously knowing it – upon our capacity to script our own sense of visual reality’.³

The objective then of this Think Tank, is to begin to understand the ways in which the gestural capacities of contemporary photography and its associated forms are used as language in the context of the mutable and multiple ‘States’ within which we live now.

For more information and to book attendance, see the Photo Ireland website.

Thanks to the convenor Ailbhe Greaney for inviting me to participate.