Impractical Painting

The project arises from a curiousity about the lack of physical gestures in creative photographic work, which is typically a mechanical process in its physical execution, and uses the application of paint in a basic way to experiment with the creative and practical use of the same gestures and techniques.

Techniques of production:

  • I photograph painters engaged in the painting of interior walls, a transformative process towards uniformity, the applied colour chosen by others.
  • I engage in a transformative process, towards chaos, by my own actions. These actions include digitally changing the colour of the walls, masking areas of the image with tape, and painting over the images while taped to the wall. To do this I use the same tools as the painters, rollers, brushes and interior paint, but my unskilled approach results in a lack of uniform coverage.
  • The photographs are then re-photographed to produce the final images.