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Cottages of Quigley's Point

Cottages of Quigley’s Point makes use of photographed interventions in abandoned houses to question romantic readings of the rural Irish cottage. An exploration of the numerous ruined dwellings near my childhood home in Donegal, Ireland, the project is a means of investigating and re-imagining local heritage. Rather than viewing these houses as artefacts with nostalgic associations, their redundant nature allows the freedom for active engagement and the creation of a personal record of explorations made in my locality. The addition of bright colours and movement of these empty interiors is intended to situate the subject matter in the present as encountered and to emphasise my presence in that time and place. As such, the process of intervention subverts a wistful reading of a disappearing way of life, and provides the opportunity to take a fresh and playful approach to familiar subject matter.

This project was extended with assistance from National Lottery funding via the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.